Homestead Exemption Rules in Texas

In Texas, the Homestead laws provide certain protections for homeowners. These protections include:

  1. Exemption from forced sale: A homestead cannot be sold to pay off debts, with certain exceptions such as taxes and mortgages.
  2. Protection from creditors: A homestead is protected from the claims of creditors, with certain exceptions such as taxes and mortgages.
  3. Protection for surviving spouse and minor children: If the homeowner dies, the homestead is protected for the benefit of the surviving spouse and minor children.
  4. Protection from partition: The homestead cannot be divided in a partition suit.
  5. Protection from governmental taking: The government cannot take a homestead for public use without just compensation.


In Texas, the Homestead laws provide a property tax exemption for homeowners on their primary residence. The amount of the exemption varies depending on the jurisdiction in which the property is located and the local tax rate. However, in Texas, the general homestead exemption for school district taxes is $25,000 and for County taxes is $3,000. This means that the taxable value of a homeowner’s primary residence will be reduced by the amount of the exemption, resulting in a lower property tax bill.


For example, if the taxable value of a home is $100,000 and the local property tax rate is 2%, the property tax bill would be $2,000 without the homestead exemption. With the $25,000 school district and $3,000 County homestead exemption, the taxable value of the home would be reduced to $72,000, resulting in a property tax bill of $1,440.


It’s important to note that these exemptions are not automatic and homeowners must apply for them and are subject to certain qualification criteria.  It’s important to note that these protections only apply to a homeowner’s primary residence, and there are some restrictions and limitations on the homestead protections. It’s always a good idea to consult with a lawyer if you have specific questions about how the homestead laws apply to your situation.

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