Texas Style Brisket

This is my version of Aaron Franklins famous and revered Brisket.  And yes, I capitalized Brisket.  If you’re from Texas or planning to move to Texas, you need to learn how to make breakfast tacos, and a Brisket.  I get my briskets at H-E-B trimmed with the deckle removed.  This is a personal preference and many will differ, but this has worked for me.  You will continue to craft your process, as you start to cook.  I have ruined a few, and even had my version of Lincoln Riley’s, (google OU Lincoln Riley’s Brisket J) so don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t come out perfect the first time.

  1. Pick your Brisket and trim to liking. If it’s your first time, I wouldn’t trim too much.  You want some fat to render thru the meat and provide its moisture.
  2. Rub mustard or vinegar on your Brisket, so that the seasoning adheres.
  3. Use 50/50 salt and pepper generously and season the entire brisket.
  4. Place brisket with fat side up in smoker. If your cooking in a smaller smoker with a small chamber, you may want to add a small bowl of water to keep brisket from charring too much.  In a metal smoker, point the large part of the brisket towards the entry point of where the heat and smoke will be coming. 
  5. Prior to all this, you want to get the temperature of the smoker to 225.
  6. For every pound of meat, you will smoke at 225 for 1 hour 15 minutes.
  7. When temperature reaches 195, I usually pull off the smoker, wrap in foil and let rest in cooler.

There is a saying that rings true!  If you’re looking,  you’re not cooking.  Try not to continue to open the lid, unless you need to spritz.  Do this as little as possible. 

I have a Bluetooth thermometer in my brisket, so I can monitor the heat.  There is going to be a period where the heat stalls.  Usually around 150 – 160 degrees.  It can stall for an hour to an hour and half.  Don’t panic, its part of the process. 

You want to see bark on your brisket, and a pink smoke ring around it.  Like the picture I have provided.  Happy cooking!  Would love to see how your first Brisket comes out.  Hopefully this is helpful. 

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